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Hire Disability Solutions was founded in response to the increasing demand for services for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, we aim to promote inclusion into the mainstream employment world. Since its inception in 2004, Hire Disability Solutions has established itself as a national leader in protecting and enhancing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Through its educational campaigns surrounding employment law, education opportunities, and assistive technology, the company facilitates the success of individuals with disabilities and employers alike.

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Hire Disability Solutions is a national leader in recruiting the best and brightest people for visionary companies like yours. We simplify the hiring process through alliances with the right organizations, people, and technology. We help enhance your image, build your brand, and boost your bottom line through our expertise with diversity and total inclusion.

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Corporate Consulting

Should your company be doing a better job at including people with disabilities? Do you even know the laws or your rights in this regard? Hire Disability Solutions offers a variety of consulting services to help. We have disability diversity training expertise. HireDS can provide the optimal consulting services to meet your organization's individualized needs.

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Training & Development

The Training and Development division of Hire Disability Solutions provides a variety of training and consulting services to empower people and build a stronger workforce. Through our years of expertise, Hire Disability Solutions makes sure that you are getting the optimal services for your organization's individualized needs.

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Corporate Planning

Individuals with Disabilities are a large segment of the diversity population that companies have been slow to integrate into their initiatives. Hire Disability Solutions can provide consulting services on diversity issues that encompass all diverse populations including individuals with disabilities.