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What We Do

At Hire Disability Solutions, LLC we are committed to:

Increasing independence among individuals with disabilities.

Our goal is to empower individuals with disabilities to reach their goals by providing them with the tools to succeed. We present information and resources for individuals to connect with employers, build their skills, and discover the feeling of accomplishment.

Encouraging people to see abilities before disabilities.

As a company policy, we focus on promoting what people can do and helping them find ways that utilize their skills. We continuously explore new ways to reach the public to increase their knowledge, improve their attitudes, and facilitate their acceptance towards individuals with disabilities.

Demonstrating that corporate business goals and doing the right thing, simultaneously can be accomplished.

We apply our knowledge and business expertise to help companies fully utilize the diverse set of strengths available within the labor pool to achieve business objectives. We create a means for companies to tap into a pool of qualified job seekers of diverse experiences and expertise, and build competencies that promote acceptance, tolerance, teamwork, and ultimately success within their companies and beyond.

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